Over 12,000 HIV positive patients in Romania, infections on the rise


Over 12,700 HIV positive Romanians were registered on September 30, with 524 new cases tracked down. Adrian Streinu Cercel, manager of “Matei Bals” Institute warned on Wednesday that the infections number is on the rise, especially among intravenous drug abusers. “The total number of HIV positive patients who are still alive is 12,732 out of 19,906 cases registered during 1985-2014. 6,540 deaths were registered during the same period,” Streinu Cercel told a Mediafax conference dedicated to the World AIDS Day.

The doctor also said that at present Romania has the highest number of long-term survivors aged between 19 and 29. Over 50 per cent of these patients surviving AIDS belong to the boom registered between 1987 and 1990, when hundreds of children were HIV infected in the Romanian hospitals during the communist regime.

Out of the 524 new patients tracked down this year, 294 were HIV positive cases and 230 new AIDS cases. 146 of these patients have already passed away. 304 cases out of the total of 12, 000 are children with ages under 14.

A new project comes to meet HIV positive patients’ needs, due to start mid January 2015. According to Streinu Cercel, 150 patients will enter the project for the time being, getting house assistance. Two nurses will drive to the patients’ places sampling blood tests and giving them the necessary medication.





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