Over half of the premises closed down after the Colectiv fire, re-opened

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Over half of the premises closed down after the Colectiv fire has been reopened in the past year. The checks conducted in many bars, restaurants, cinema halls, malls or nightclubs revealed serious breaches regarding the fire security permits.

Shortly after the tragedy in the Colectiv club, two fire fighters have been prosecuted for abuse of office after investigators had found out that they would have close their eyes to the irregularities of the club, which led to the tragedy. The inspectors managing of the fire prevention permit should have ensured that the club’s owners respected the basic fire prevention standards, ranging from the fire extinguishers to emergency exits.

After the blast, the procedures for such controls have been revised, and the prevention firefighters have received more powers, including the power of closing down the illegal premises.

Since November 4, 2015 until September 30, 2016, over 15,000 prevention or guidance checks have been conducted nationwide, the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations told Mediafax.

The checks eyeing malls, cinemas, performance halls, clubs, bars or discos have been especially conducted during night or at weekends, while thousands of irregularities came into open. 11,000 fines have been applied.

In 103 cases, firefighters decided to close down the premises following serious breaches in the fire security procedures: deficient emergency exits, too many customers than stipulated by the authorization, etc.

Moreover, few days after the deadly fire, almost all premises in Bucharest closed were down by their own owners, who either wanted to be solidary with the victims or wanted to rectify various irregularities.

The Prosecutor General’s expertize in the Colectiv case revealed that the District 4 city hall hadn’t conducted any check at the club in the past 5 years, the works lacked any construction permit, the club hadn’t enough emergency exits, while the ISU leadership didn’t know the venue, although it was its responsibility.

One-year commemoration on Sunday

The road traffic will be restricted on Sunday in Bucur Square area in Bucharest, where one year since the deadly blast is commemorated. Commemoration actions will be held on Sunday during 12:00 and 23:00.

A monument in the memory of the Colectiv fire victims will be consecrated on Monday, October 30, at 11:30 in the courtyard of the St. Nicolae Brosteni Church, to commemorate one year since the tragedy. The memorial service for the victims is due on Sunday at 12:00 in front of the former Colectiv club.

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