PM: Easter’s Resurrection service to be outdoors. BOR: Restricted numbers allowed indoors, too

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The Resurrection service on Easter will be held outdoors, with believers having to observe social distancing rules, PM Florin Citu said on Tuesday. However, the spokesperson of the Romanian Orthodox Church (BOR), Vasile Banescu contradicts the prime minister, claiming that restricted number of believers will be allowed inside the church as well, as the government resolution itself stipulates and as BOR has already informed the parishes.

Asked while attending a TV show on Monday night how religious services will be held on the Resurrection night, PM Citu replied: “Outdoors, with social distancing observed”.

However, BOR spokesperson, Vasile Bănescu, said in retort, that “usually, the reflex during this period is to send a reply focused on outdoors”.

“I remind you about the government resolution no 432 from April 8, 2021 where all elements regarding the religious services are mentioned, included on for the Resurrection night. For this reason, the Chancellery of the Holly Synod has already issued very rigorous guidelines on how these services should be held”, Bănescu.

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