PNL MEP Cristian Busoi, accused he has plagiarised the PhD thesis

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PNL MEP Cristian Buşoi, Liberals candidate to Bucharest City Hall, is accused of plagiarism and self-plagiarism in his doctoral thesis ‘Health Policy in electoral and governance programmes during transition’.
The allegations come from the ‘Institute for modernizing education (IMEDU)’ under the signature of Stelian Ene, who announces on this occasion that he ‘has initiated an operation for checking the originality of doctoral papers, of articles and other indigenous academic publications’, informs.
Cristian Busoi had his PH.D. Degree in 2010, having as coordinator Prof. Dr. Cristian Vladescu.
According to the source, the book has 128 pages and is divided into 4 sections. “After the IMEDU analysis, the presentation of political ideologies is copied almost entirely from two sources, Taranu (Andrei Taranu, contemporary political doctrines, SNSPA 2001) and Pippidi (Alina Mungiu-Pippidi, Political Doctrines, Polirom 1998) from which Busoi has copied and arranged paragraphs without delineation and in most places without proper citation. There are examples of correct citation from both works with quotation marks and footnotes. Had these methods been applied consistently, almost the entire chapter would have been included between quotation marks, obviously unacceptable in a doctoral dissertation,” writes Stelian Ene, presenting the facsimile, adjacent pages from Busoi’s PhD thesis and the original sources.
Stelian Ene also said that Busoi has self-plagiarises his article ‘Health systems and the influence of political ideologies’ that is almost entirely reproduced in the body of the thesis (about 4 pages) without any quotation. The self-plagiarised article contains ‘elements of plagiarism’ of a work written by Cristian Vladescu.
By the time of writing this news Cristian Busoi could not be contacted to express his position on the information.
He joins a long list of names of officials accused of plagiarism and self-plagiarism, opened by Victor Ponta which also includes Gabriel Oprea, Lia Olguta Vasilescu, Ecaterina Andronescu, Titus Corlatean, Bogdan Licu or Petre Toba.

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