Polar air wave to hit Romania, temperatures to fall below zero up to minus 8C

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Temperatures will dramatically climb down in Romania, reaching up to minus 8C following a polar air that will hit our country these days.

However, the beginning of the week is bringing fine weather, warmer than the usual one countrywide. The maximum temperatures will range from 15C in eastern Transylvania to 24-25C in southwestern country. It will rain in the northern half of the territory.

The chill will gradually seize Romania, in the west for a start, while snowfalls will prevail in the mountains. Minimum temperatures will climb down to minus 8C.

The weather will get warmer as of Sunday, November 3, with temperatures reaching 17C.

In Bucharest, temperatures will be around 20C on Monday, but the weather will get cold as of Tuesday. It will start raining as of Wednesday, with temperatures reaching 11C at the most. It will even colder on Thursday and Friday.

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