Protesting miners threaten to go on hunger strike. Labour minister: Salaries to be paid on Febr. 25, 26

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Hundreds of miners continued to protest in front of the Hunedoara Energy Complex on Monday, asking for their outstanding wages. 60 miners still refused to go out from underground at Lupeni Mine, threatening to go on hunger strike. The leaders of the miners are to have talks with the Energy and Labour ministers today.

Miners are asking for their outstanding wages that they haven’t received for about 10 months, and also ask for expense accounts on transport and heating, which are also past due by 11 months.

The sum needed to cover for the outstanding funds mount to roughly RON 18 million.

Protesters were shouting “Resignation”, “Miners in Jiului Valley have lost their patience”, “We are not giving in”, “Today in Hunedoara, tomorrow countrywide”, “Money worked hard, we see no dime”. They wondered what will happen after three months, as PM Florin Citu had sent them the message that only salaries for three months will be paid.

PM Citu said that no miners’ riot will happen in his mandate, adding “it’s not normal what it’s going on”. He denounced that some politicians want to take advantage of the miners’ problems, reminding that salaries were paid last year while other 1.4 million Romanians were going on technical unemployment.

Later on in the afternoon after the talks, Labour minister Raluca Turcan stated that those around 3,000 employees of the Hunedoara Energy Complex will get their outstanding wages in three tranches, with the first one to be paid on February 25 and 26. The leaders of the trade union asked the miners to stop their protest.

Moreover, CEH, which is insolvent, will have a respite of three months to get re-organized and forward a development plan to ensure that the company can function on long term.

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