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PSD mentions actions to control Facebook content

After the ruling coalition members, including Interior minister Carmen Dan, had lobbied for updating the Law 60/1991 on organizing public gatherings during hearings in the Senate’s defence committee on the August 10 protest on Tuesday, the ruling power seems also preoccupied to enforce some restrictions on Facebook, the social media network where civic actions against the government had been organized in the past year and a half.

During the Tuesday’s hearing in the defence committee, the chairman of the committee, PSD senator Liviu Brailoiu asked the Interior minister if laws are needed to regulate Facebook posts in the view of controlling its content, arguing that, according to some information, there are 140,000 Facebook accounts without real identity and that threats are being spread through these accounts. „All kind of threats and instigation to aggression, guys pictured with guns are posted on these accounts, do the Interior Ministry’s expert services act in any direction?”, the senator asked.

It’s obvious that the current legislation doesn’t cover all these needs and I think it’s absolutely necessary to have an assessment to cover the legal framework to be prepared to take serious actions against all the aspects you’ve mentioned. Yes, some people are known by the public order bodies and are investigated in criminal records”, minister Dan said, adding that an analysis within the ministry and other institutions is needed. „It’s an action we are willing to take,” Carmen Dan argued.

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