Pupils in protest, ask Gov’t for solutions on the start of school year

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Several representatives of the pupils’ associations have protested in front of the Government building today, asking authorities to come up with a concrete plan of the 2020-2021 school year now there are few weeks till the re-opening of schools.

Pupils are discontent there is no clear plan for the school re-opening even though there is just one month till then.

Several associations of pupils from Romania will send parcel with their claims to Bucharest. For instance, pupils from Constanta will put a watch in the parcel as well, to deliver the symbolic message that the clock’s ticking and decisions must be taken asap.

Alex Radulescu, the president of the Pupils Associations from Bucharest-Ilfov told Digi24 that all pupils must have access to mobile devices and internet, as classes cannot be held only physically, and that the scenario of a hybrid system or exclusively online one is feasible only provided these conditions are met.

In retort to the pupils’ protest and demands, PM Ludovic Orban said that school will start, but that he cannot give a precise answer right now on how it will be opened, as there is on ongoing analysis that is up to the epidemiological evolution of the coronavirus pandemic.

There is an interministerial working group that is seriously assessing the infrastructure, the teachers, the possible distribution of pupils in classrooms, and including a mixed system. So, we are preparing the opening of schools for any potential scenario.

When the analysis and all scenarios are concluded we’ll publicly release them. We are only on August 3″, the PM said.

In his turn, Health minister Nelu Tataru said today that the authorities would announce after mid-August when the schools are to be opened

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