Romania buys antitank weapons worth EUR 110m from German company


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On January 11 Romtehnica announced that it has signed two contracts worth EUR 92.7 million and EUR 17.9 million for German antitank weapons. The contracts were awarded on Christmas Eve to the company EuroSpike GmbH and the announcement regarding the signing of contracts came just days after Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos paid a visit in Germany, reports.
On December 24, 2015 Romtehnica awarded two contracts for the purchase of antitank weapons to the company EuroSpike GmbH. The contracts were signed on January 11, a few days after the official visit paid by Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos to Germany. The information was notified and published by the Romanian Centre for Investigative Journalism (CRJI).
The EUR 17.9 million contract refers to ‘anti-tank means’, specifically to anti-tank guided missiles, and the second contract of EUR 92.7 million refers to ‘ portable antitank missile systems’. Most likely, the contract aims the Spike missile system in the portable variant for infantry and for special forces (Spike MR model).
Produced by the Israelis from Rafael, the Spike missiles are of the 4 ++ generation, and were integrated by the Romanian armed forces for several years already on the IAR 330 Puma Socat helicopter and on the MLI 84M armoured combat vehicle.
The two contracts were awarded after direct negotiation without notice, and Romtehnica explains this procedure by the fact that ‘the works / goods / services can be provided only by a particular supplier, for technical reasons’.
EuroSpike GmbH is a ‘joint venture’ company made up by Diehl BGT Defence GmbH formed & Co.Kg, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics GmbH, both from Germany, and by Rafael Advanced Defense System Ltd. from Israel.
Moreover, the contracts awarded to EuroSpike GmbH are not the single ones. In January 2015 Romtehnica bought anti-tank missiles worth EUR 3.7 million on a contract awarded on December 29, 2014, according to SEAP information.

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