Romania compelled to recognize same-sex families

The ECHR rejected the appeal of the Romanian Government.


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The Romanian state is compelled to adopt legislation for the recognition of same-sex couples. The panel of judges of the ECHR’s Grand Chamber rejected the appeal made by the Bucharest Government on the historic decision handed down in May by the European Court of Human Rights by which the Romanian state is obliged to adopt legislation for the recognition of same-sex couples.

The Romanian state appealed to the higher chamber the ECHR decision of May 23, which obliges Romania to recognize by law and protect the rights of same-sex couples who want to officially become a family. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the institution that exercises, on behalf of the Government, the prerogatives of a government agent before the ECHR.

However, the Grand Chamber of the ECHR rejected Romania’s request for a retrial of the case, according to the ECHR website, meaning Romanian authorities must provide some form of legal protection to gay couples, according to ECHR standards.

Accept Association announced that Romania’s obligation to protect and recognize same-sex families is reconfirmed by the College of Judges of the Grand Chamber, which rejected the appeal filed by the Romanian Government in the case of Buhuceanu and Ciobotaru and 20 other families against Romania.

“Thus, the ECHR Decision issued in May of this year remains final, as does the positive obligation of the Romanian Government and Parliament to adopt urgent measures to ensure the protection and legal recognition of all families. There are no longer any recourses by which the state can evade its obligations towards its own citizens. It is time for Romania to take the natural step, for which the majority of the population declares itself ready,” the NGO says.

“The attitude of the Romanian state towards this urgent problem faced by LGBT families is a proof of carelessness that affects Romania on several levels. Beyond the failure to comply with the commitments made by Romania to its European partners based on the conventions and treaties to which it is a party, those who suffer due to the lack of legislation to ensure protection and recognition of same-sex families continue to remain citizens. The treatment to which the state subjects them is undignified and deeply reprehensible,” Accept representatives add.

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