Romanian, deported from Italy after he had got drunk 73 times

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A Romanian citizen aged 54 has been deported from Italy due to security reasons after ambulances and the police crews from Pordenone had to intervene in 73 cases when the man had got drunk and disturbed his neighbours, according to Messaggero Veneto.

The man was embarked in a Venice-Bucharest flight and will not be able to return to Italy for the next 5 years.

Among those 73 cases when the Romanian ended up in hospital while being drunk, 45 cases took place in January and February this year.

In 49 cases the Romanian fled the hospital without permission, with the above mentioned outlet saying that ‘he caused problems to the public emergency service and he wasted the time and resources of the ambulance system.’

The Romanian was found drunk in various places, including while driving, in a bus station or collapsed on an armchair in the public library. He had a permanent stay permit, but had no stable job or house.

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