Romanians expect an improvement in standard of living in 2015. Biggest concern – price rises

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Romanians’ expectations regarding the standard of living are higher this year than the previous year, fuelled by the presidential election, while 35.2% think that the standard of living is better than in 2014, as compared to 26.1% of respondents in 2014, according to a survey submitted on Tuesday to Agerpres.

However, 3.9% of subjects company that 2015 will be a ‘much better’ year than the former one.

On the other hand, 14.5% of respondents believe that the living standard this year will be worse (compared to 23.8% in 2014) and 6.9% that will be much worse, compared to 11, 6% in 2014, the survey by Millward Brown reveals.

“Although the average net monthly income per family member was higher at the beginning of 2015 (EUR 232) as compared to 2014 (EUR 201) prudence is noticed regarding the acquisition goods in instalments, or regarding the intention of making paid trips in the country or abroad (…) Although a higher percentage of respondents said that living standards in 2014 suffered a deterioration rather than an improvement (33.2%), the percentage of those with a negative view is lower than in the previous year – 33.2% against 44%,” the source informs.

According to the survey, although the most common concern of the Romanians this year continues to be the increase in prices (79.3% of respondents), there are concerns about the outbreak of war in the region (67%), the emergence of epidemics (59 4%) and terrorism (54.8%).

The survey’s target population were persons aged 18-65 years in urban areas. The sample size was 1,000 respondents per year during 2008-2015. The research was based on telephone interviews (CATI) and the data collection period was February 10-13, 2015.

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