Russia Runs Out of Military Equipment


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Russia sends the BTR-60 to the war in Ukraine: the installation of the 60s, which even in the most backward military units has long been written off from storage.

Russia continues to feed its army from the remains of soldiers with the remains of technical weapons. On April 16, videos of railway convoys of weapons from Russia to the war in Ukraine began to appear on the network. The video clearly shows that the BTR-60 and Grad-1 are going to Ukraine. This technique, produced in the 60s of the last century, is so outdated that you will not find it anywhere. At least in developed countries.
However, Russia never ceases to amaze with its stockpiles of weapons, and in a week, we expect a video in which Russia will hand over bows and spears to its soldiers.

Olexii Arestovich, an advisor to the president’s office, gave an interview with Ukrainian journalist Mark Feigin.

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