Russians took control of 70% of Sievierodonetsk. Russian nuclear forces, exercises northeast of Moscow


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On the 98th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Russian forces are expanding their control in the east of the country, while the international community (except of Russia’s traditional friends) is making efforts to materially support the brutally invaded country and punish the aggressors.

Russian forces now control about 70 percent of Sevierodonetsk, a strategically important city in eastern Ukraine, Luhansk Gov. Serhiy Gaidai said on Wednesday.

Some Ukrainian troops have retreated to more advantageous positions, prepared in advance,” Gaidai posted on the Telegram.  A Russian victory at Severodonetsk and over the Siverskyi Donetsk River in Lysychansk would bring full control over the Luhansk region, one of the two eastern provinces that Moscow claims on behalf of the separatists. Russian bombing reduced much of Severodonetsk to its ruins, and Russian troops entered the southeastern and northeastern outskirts of the city, but Ukrainian defenses slowed the wider Russian campaign in the entire Donbas region.

Losses would the Russian Army have suffered in nearly 100 days of war

About 30,700 Russian soldiers have been killed, wounded or captured since the start of Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine on February 24, according to the latest report released by the Kyiv Defense Ministry on Wednesday. Russian Army’s death toll published by the Russian Army:

30,700 soldiers killed, wounded or captured

  • 1,361 tanks
  • 3,343 armored fighting vehicles
  • 659 artillery systems
  • 207 MLRS Artillery Missile Multiple Launch Systems
  • 208 aircraft
  • 175 helicopters
  • 13 ships
  • 519 drones

Russian forces continue to attack the bridge between Ukraine and Romania

The British Ministry of Defense released its new assessment of the war in Ukraine on Tuesday morning, saying that Russia continues to attack with missiles the important bridge that connects Ukraine with Romania.Beyond the Donbas, Russia is carrying out long-range missile attacks on infrastructure across Ukraine. This strategically important bridge (Zatoka Bridge) connects Ukraine with Romania and the Ukrainian ports on the Danube, which became crucial for Ukrainian exports after the blockade of Ukrainian ports on the Black Sea, the British DefMin says.

The Zatoka Bridge has been under attack by the Russians since the end of Apri.l Russia’s armed forces have severely damaged the Zatoka railway and road bridge in southwestern Ukraine following rocket attacks launched on April 26th. The bridge was also the target of heavy Russian attacks on April 27. This bridge near the city of Odessa across the Dniester River connects the region of southwestern Ukraine with its ports on the Danube and Romania. Several Western analysts said at the time that Russia wanted to destroy the axis linking Ukraine to Romania in the context of increasing Western military aid to Kyiv.


Russian nuclear forces conduct military exercises northeast of Moscow

The Russian Army’s missile division is conducting military exercises in the Ivanovo region, northeast of Moscow, involving about 1,000 troops with more than 100 vehicles and combat systems, including “Yars” intercontinental ballistic missile launchers, according to Russian Defense ministry, quoted by Interfax.

“In the Ivanovo region, the autonomous launchers of the Yars mobile ground missile system of the Teikovsky Strategic Missile Forces are carrying out intensive maneuvering operations on combat patrol routes as part of the exercises,” said the Russian Defense Ministry.

According to the Russian mninistry, about 1,000 soldiers and more than 100 vehicles and combat systems are involved in the exercises.

“Yars” is the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile system capable of hitting targets at a distance of up to 11,000 kilometers. On April 27, Vladimir Putin threatened that a foreign intervention in the conflict in Ukraine would have a “lightning response” from Russia. He claimed that in the event of a threat to him, Russia would use in response means that its opponents did not have.

UNICEF: 262 children killed in the war so far

At least 262 children have been killed and 415 wounded in attacks in the nearly 100 days of war in Ukraine, UNICEF reports, adding that 5.2 million Ukrainian children are in need of humanitarian assistance. UNICEF also warns that the war has provoked an acute crisis of child protection, with children fleeing violence being exposed to a significant risk of separation from family, violence, abuse, sexual exploitation and trafficking. Most were exposed to profoundly traumatic events.

Huge shortage of medicines in Ukraine

Ukrainian Health Minister Viktor Lyashko says Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territory has caused a huge shortage of medicines, according to Ukrinform. “There is no humanitarian corridor to bring medicine to the occupied territories. There is a problem even with saline solutions. Only drugs for the treatment of cancer and dialysis patients are available, “Lyashko said. Therefore, we cannot risk people. And the volunteers don’t want to go in there either,” said the minister.

Mother of French journalist killed in Ukraine respond to Russians’ allegations

The mother of French journalist Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff, who was killed in Ukraine on Monday, said she was “disgusted” by the accusations of the pro-separatist leader of the Luhansk “People’s Republic”, Leonid Pasecinik, BFM TV reports.

The separatist leader said on Monday that the French journalist was in fact a “mercenary involved in the delivery of weapons to Ukrainian forces”.

 “I am the mother of the young journalist you killed. Your statement disgusts me. Of course you are cowardly trying to wash your hands, but know that you will never be able to tarnish his memory,” she replied. “Everyone here knows his professional and personal commitment to democracy, respect for man and especially to free, impartial and honest information, all notions that seem far removed from what motivates you,” the mother added. “Despite the pain, I know why my son died,” she said. “One day, those who are guilty of this criminal absurdity will have to be held accountable,” she further said.


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