Saint Paraskeva closed the doors: Quarter million visitors this year


The pilgrimage lasted for six days and was, as usually, a reason for joy and serenity for prayful people.

Saint Paraskeva relics have been reintroduced on Wednesday evening inside the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi, in the six days of pilgrimage the holy relics having been worshiped by approximately quarter million believers across the country.

During the afternoon the influx of pilgrims has dropped, and in the evening the coffin has been consigned back into the place of worship.

According to the local authorities, during the six days of pilgrimage at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi about 250,000 believers across the country have bowed in front of the holy relics. The range of pilgrims ran between several hundred meters and two kilometers, while they had to wait for five to six hours to reach the relics.

600 people required medical care, and 40 believers have been transported to the hospital. Overall, the Police officers have levied 80 fines for public order disturbing, toting up to 12,000 RON.

About 6,000 people attended the St. Paraskeva service at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Iasi on Tuesday , the Metropolitan of Moldova, Archbishop Teofan, encouraging the believers to go home enriched and to be fighters, while saying he felt embarrassed that some of the pilgrims had no accommodation.

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