Ship with dozens of migrants, including children, discovered near Vama Veche


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Dozens of migrants on a wooden ship, detected during the night in the southern part of the Romanian coast, were transported on Friday to the Port of Constanţa, where they are medically evaluated and triaged. According to the representatives of the Coast Guard, the ship most likely from Turkey was identified approximately 30 miles east of Vama Veche.

A Coast Guard patrol vessel, on a mission to monitor the state border on the Black Sea, observed, with the help of the radar devices and the equipment on board the vessel, a target approximately 30 miles from the town of Vama Veche .(…) Communication was attempted by all possible means with this vessel, but (…) contact could not be made with the vessel in question. Thus, the Coast Guard vessel proceeded to intercept the target. (…) When he got close to it, he could see that it was a very small ship, with a lot of people on board,” said the spokesperson of the Coast Guard, Andrei Ene.

The migrants did not have medical problems, yet one person had an arm injury, he received medical care, but did not want to be taken to hospital.

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