Significant risk of avalanches in F?g?ra? Mountains

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Meteorologists of Sibiu Regional Service for Weather Forecast on Monday announced that they maintain the “significant” risk of avalanches on the Northern side of the F?g?ra? Mountains, being targeted the Bâlea Lake tourist area, located at over 2,000 meters altitude, where there is the thickest snow cover in Romania – 1,72 meters.

The “significant” avalanche risk, meaning a third degree risk on a scale of one to five, is maintained until Tuesday evening at 8 pm, also in the Bucegi Mountains.

“The risk of avalanche” will increase in the next two days, according to meteorologists.

Meteorologists say that on the sufficiently inclined slopes snow is average or less stabilized and amid high temperatures during the day there will be signaled flows or spontaneous avalanches produced because of the melting, which can induct also the underlying layer.


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