“Silent day” at the Christmas market in Piata Constitutiei


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The mayor of the capital, Nicuşor Dan, announces on Facebook that on December 7 at the Christmas Fair in Constitution Square there will be a “silent day” – between 12:00-16:00, the music will be muted, it will come from a single point and there will be no lit lights in different corners.

Nicușor Dan says that the town hall will organize a “silent day” in Constitution Square for children with special needs.

“On this day, the Christmas Fair will be adapted for little ones with sensory disabilities, who cannot stand in crowded environments with lots of noise, music and light games.Thus, between 12.00-16.00, the music will be muted, it will come from a single point and no lights will be turned on in different corners. At the same time, during the time slot dedicated to them, children with disabilities can also benefit from the fair’s attractions for free: skating rink, carousel and ferris wheel. Accompanying children must present the disability certificate. To facilitate the access of small visitors, teams from the Capital City Hall will be at the fair to respond to parents’ requirements so that the children have the most pleasant experience. At the same time, if the visitors to the event on December 7th need special assistance, we ask parents to call the phone number 021.9524 before arriving so that together we can find the best solutions for them”, said the mayor.

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