Spontaneous protest at Jilt Quarry following 3-dead accident. Management of the Oltenia Energy Complex, dismissed


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Dozens of miners from the Jilț Quarry refused to go to work this morning. Miners from shifts I and III gathered in the yard of the mining unit and refuse to climb into the tanks. They complain about working conditions. The miners are determined to walk to Târgu Jiu, to the company headquarters, writes Gorj Expres.

On January 17, three workers lost their lives after the car they were in, full of workers, overturned. After the tragedy, two directors from the Jilț Sud Career Company resigned.

At the same time, the Minister of Energy, Virgil Popescu, calls for the dismissal of the president of the Oltenia Energy Complex, Daniel Burlan, and a member of the CE directorate, Marius Negru, following the accident in the Jilț quarry and a soldier and three dead and ten injured.

The announcement was made by Popescu on Monday, when he announced the conclusions of the Control Body’s report, saying that it is inadmissible to use cars over 40 years old.

He emphasized that the responsibilities in the case of the accident at the Jilț quarry will be clarified following the criminal investigation. Popescu asked the Oltenia CEO’s Supervisory Board to release Daniel Burlan from the position of president and director, as well as Marius Negru, as well as change the director of the Commercial Department responsible for purchases in the company.

“Endangering the lives of employees is unacceptable, and that’s what happened.  They use machines that are over 40 years old (…) Their degree of wear, likewise, is according to the duration. None of the people found responsible will be omitted from the report.    From the analysis of the Control Body, it was clear that the procurement procedure needs improvement.  I also requested the identification of all the persons responsible for drawing up the specifications.  We requested the dismissal of those responsible for the rehabilitation of the roads because it is inadmissible that in 2023 we have access roads to the quarry as you have seen. (…) It is clear that the labor protection activity in CE Oltenia existed perhaps only formally, because a labor protection activity also involves the prevention of such accidents. That’s why I requested, through the preliminary report of the Control Body, the change from the position”, said Virgil Popescu.

Three people died and ten others were transported to the hospital following the accident that occurred on Tuesday, January 17 in the Jilţ Sud quarry. The first checks by the police showed that the van that fell at a difference in level of approximately three meters was carrying workers, as well as two metal tubes of acetylene. After the death of three people, aged 29, 38, and 48, respectively, and after the injury of other workers, the Police opened a case for manslaughter, culpable bodily injury and failure to take and respect legal safety and health measures at work.

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