Survey: Romanians allot RON 1,500 for their winter holidays


Romanians living in urban areas are allotting this year a budget amounting approximately RON 1,500 (about EUR 338) for their winter holidays, same as last year, according to the latest study conducted by MedNet Marketing Research Center.

Thus, 35.4 per cent of the surveyed city dwellers intend to spend for their Christmas and New Year’s Eve meals below RON 1,000, while 26.4 per cent of them slightly climb to the average budget of RON 1,500, according to the aforementioned market study quoted by Agerpres. A budget of RON 3,000 is considered only by 14.9 per cent of the urban residents, while 21 per cent want to spend on this occasion sums between RON 1,500 and RON 3,000.

For the meals (meat, cakes, soft drinks, fruit), the average amount of money allotted is RON 602.21 (compared to RON 600.76 in 2013). For non-food products (ornaments, cosmetics, clothing, footwear), the average amount allocated has slightly decreased from RON 498.63 to RON 467.64.

However there are city dwellers (less than 20 per cent) who would like to buy certain food products for Christmas or New Year, but who cannot afford them because of financial limitations. Out of these ones, MedNet Marketing Research Center study mentions meat, especially turkey or beef, fish, but also more expensive food products such as ‘fine’ cheese (French) or ‘expensive champagne’.

Regarding the category ‘travels/trips during winter holidays’, there is an increase in the number of city dwellers who will go on holiday, but at the same time a decrease in the average allocated amount from RON 1524.47 in 2013 to RON 1149, 31 in 2014.

This year, nearly 90 per cent of respondents plan to offer gifts to the beloved ones for Christmas and New Year. Also, same as in 2013, more than 50 per cent of respondents said they will not buy this year either a natural Christmas tree, preferring to use an artificial one. 7.4 per cent of respondents say they have no intention to decorate their Christmas tree in 2014.

Regarding the 2015 New Year’s Eve, most of the city residents choose to spend it in the countryside (91 per cent), while only 3.5 per cent of them are willing to go abroad. Out of those spending the New Year’s Eve within the borders, 68.8 per cent will spend it with their family or friends in their homes, 13.3 per cent will go to a restaurant/club, while 13.2 per cent will spend it in a mountain resort/spa in Romania.


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