The 3 Romanian sailors kidnapped by pirates in Togo from aboard Histria Ivory ship have been released – Foreign Ministry informs

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The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) announces on Wednesday that the three Romanian sailors kidnapped on March 3 from aboard the Histria Ivory ship, near the port of Lome, Togo, have been released and will be repatriated in the coming days.

“They are assisted by the Romanian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria, for completing the formalities to return home. Their release was possible due to the involvement of the owning company and to the specific steps if the MAE cell crisis to the authorities,” a MAE release reads.

The source added that the Ministry has monitored daily the case and has been in constant touch with those involved in the release procedures.

“The main concern was their physical integrity and safety, and the identification of the needed means to solve the crisis situation. MAE is thanking all the foreign institutions and authorities involved in the demarches to release the Romanian citizens,” the release reads.

Histria Ivory ship, with 21 Romanian sailors on board, was attacked on March 3 by pirates near the port of Lome, Togo. Three sailors were taken hostages.

Histria Ivory was in the Togo waters under the pavilion of Malta. The information was delivered by the owning company, reported.

Leader of the Free Trade Union of Navigators (SLN) and representative of the International Transport Federation (ITF) Adrian Mihălcioiu said at the time that the Histria Ivory ship was attacked by the pirates shortly after leaving the port of Lome in Togo. Thus, at 20 nautical miles from the port, the pirates attacked the ship, boarded and took over several sailors. After that, the pirates left the ship with the hostages, and the other sailors returned to Lome. The ship was damaged by the attack and is to be repaired. The sailors aboard the ship have not been injured, said Adrian Mihălcioiu after the attack.

The Histria Ivory ship, under Malta flag, which belongs to the ‘Histria’ company in Constanta, transported petrochemical goods from Togo to Liberia. The crew consists only of Romanian sailors.

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