The top 10 EU countries for recycling clothes. How’s Romania ranking?

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According to a SaveOnEnergy survey, the Coronavirus pandemic also has a positive change in  attitude toward old textiles and how people recycle clothes in Europe.

Rather than “burning and binning” Europeans seem to have turned their attention also to recycling centres to dispose of old clothes.

The survey found Google searches like “Clothes Recycling” are currently highest in Ireland. In the last 30 days, 12,670 people in Ireland have Googled how to recycle old clothes.

This is followed by high search results in Germany (9,390) and the Netherlands (6,840.)

At the other end of the scale we find countries like Luxembourg, Slovenia, and Slovakia.

In Luxembourg just 330 people a month search keywords like “Clothes Recycling.” While in Slovenia and Slovakia, it’s as low as 300 and 270 searches a month, respectively.

The top 10 EU Countries for Recycling Clothes are Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Poland, Italy, Denmark, Sweden and Czechia.

Romania ranks 19th in EU.

Top 10 EU Countries Recycle These Items Most

Apparently, the 5 most worn items of clothing worldwide are T-Shirts, Jeans, Shoes, Underwear and Coats. analysed search volumes in deeper detail to find out which of the most-worn items of clothing are recycled most in each of the top 10 EU countries listed above… Shoes and jeans vie for top place!

The results show Shoes are the most recycled item of clothing in 70% of the 10 countries analysed, including Ireland, the Netherlands and Spain.

While Jeans are the most recycled item of clothing in 30% of the 10 countries analysed, including Germany, France, and Italy.

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