The top safest and riskiest countries in the world. Where does Romania stand?


Finland, Norway and Iceland are the safest countries in the world for travelers, while countries like Libya, Afghanistan and Somalia are the riskiest, according to Travel Risk Map 2019, an interactive study conducted by International SOS and Control Risks.

Travel Risk Map reveals the latest medical, road safety and security risk ratings of countries around the world.

The countries deemed to have a ‘very high’ security risk factor include: Haiti, Venezuela, Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan and North Korea.

Romania presents a medium medical risk, being ranked on the same category with states like Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Serbia, Mexico, Columbia, Egypt or Morocco.

On road safety and security, Romania presents a low risk, similar to such countries as Poland, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Czechia, Slovakia, Turkey or the USA.

States like Saudi Arabia, Iran and most African states face major problems on road security, and a concerning situation is reported in Russia, Brazil or China.

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