The weather warms up, temperatures to reach 10-12C


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After a few days of cold, sleet and snow, the weather will warm up again in the coming days. Gabriela Băncilă, director of the National Meteorological Administration, told Digi24 the maximum temperatures will reach 10-12 degrees in some days.

“As the weather warms up very slightly next week, even over the next few days at the end of this week, temperatures will rise a bit more. We will reach temperatures of 6-7 degrees in the southern part of the country, compared to 2-3 at the most today and tomorrow. During the next week we are witnessing a transport of warm air that will be felt over all areas of the country. And this will translate into mid-day temperatures of 10, 11, 12 degrees, possibly even slightly higher than 12 degrees. There will be fairly common temperatures in the western part, plains and hilly areas,” the meteorologist said.

She added at the alternation between intervals with high temperatures and intervals in which, especially in the north-west part of Romania, intrusions of colder air will be felt, will characterize the month of December. It will snow in the high mountain area, especially. “It is very likely that in the lower mountain area, at altitudes between 1,200 and 1,800 meters, there will be days with precipitation in the form of snow, but also days with precipitation in the form of rain or sleet, as otherwise happened and is happening and these days,” said the meteorologist.

As for the weather forecast on Christmas, the temperatures will be slightly higher in certain areas and the regime of precipitation will be close to normal, with slight deficient tendencies. “A little more stable week with no excesses up or down, both in terms of the precipitation regime, but also that of the temperatures,” she said.

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