Ukraine war, day 29: Russian ship sunk in Berdyansk port, bombings continue in Mariupol. NATO: Russia lost up to 15,000 soldiers


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On the 29th day of the war, Ukraine continues to resist the invading troops, while major cities in Ukraine are being destroyed by daily bombing. Russian projectiles fall on residential neighborhoods, shopping malls, schools and hospitals.

In Mariupol, Russian bombing continues unabated, with about 100,000 locals resisting harder and harder. Moreover, the Mariupol administration has accused Russian forces of forcibly moving 6,000 people to Russia, confiscating their Ukrainian passports and other documents, writes The Kyiv Independent.

At least six civilians were killed and 15 others were injured in a bomb blast on Thursday at a post office in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, while people were queuing nearby for humanitarian aid, the regional governor said on Monday. Telegram,

At least six civilians were killed and 15 others were injured in a bomb blast on Thursday at a post office in Kharkiv, northeastern Ukraine, while people were queuing nearby for humanitarian aid, the regional governor said on Telegram.


A cellist plays Bach music among the ruins of Kharkiv, near the regional police headquarters, destroyed by bombs.

The Ukrainian military says Russian airstrikes have intensified, with more than 250 flights in one day. Russia closed 11 airports near the Ukrainian border on February 24th, and the decision has now been extended until April 1st, the Russian federal air traffic agency Rosavatia announced on Thursday. Sochi Airport is the only one left open on the Black Sea coast. The airports in Simferopol, Crimea, and Rostov-on-Don International Airport are closed. Air traffic monitoring sites show that flights have avoided airspace in southwestern Russia since the beginning of the invasion of Ukraine on February 24th.

Seven humanitarian corridors have been agreed for Thursday, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereșciuk announced, according to Reuters and The Guardian. However, the government official said no crossing corridors had been established for Mariupol residents. Vereşciuk explained that civilians trying to leave the besieged city will find transport to Berdiansk, accusing Russia of not allowing the creation of a safe corridor to or from the center of the port city in southern Ukraine.

On the other hand, Ukrainian armed forces say they have destroyed a Russian ship in the port of Berdyansk. “There will be more! Glory to Ukraine! ”, they wrote in the message posted on Facebook.

Images posted on social media show a large fire in the port of Berdyansk, where the Russians brought many ships to disembark soldiers, tanks and military equipment.

In their analysis, the OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) community classified as an Alligator-class landing craft, a ship over 112 meters long and a displacement of 3,400-4,700 tons.

The Alligator class ship can carry up to 400 soldiers, 20 tanks or 40 battleships. Russia had only two such ships active: Orsk and Saratov.

The Ukrainian Army General Staff claims that its soldiers managed to destroy the Alskator class Orsk ship. And unconfirmed information still speaks of at least one blow with the Tochka ballistic missiles used by Ukraine.

NATO official: Up to 15,000 Russian soldiers killed 

Between 7,000 and 15,000 Russian soldiers have been killed a month after the invasion of Ukraine, a senior NATO official was quoted as saying by the BBC on Wednesday. The official added that an estimated 30,000 to 40,000 Russians were killed or wounded in the fighting. Russia has not provided an official death toll since March 2, when it said 500 of its soldiers had died. By comparison, Russia lost about 15,000 troops during the 10-year occupation of Afghanistan, writes BBC.

Ukraine did not provide accurate information on the number of dead in its army, with the President of Ukraine stating about two weeks ago that 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers had died.

UK to provide 6,000 defensive missiles

Great Britain will provide Ukraine with about 6,000 defensive missiles and nearly 30 million pounds to support BBC coverage in the region and to pay for Ukrainian soldiers and pilots, Reuters reports. The UK has said that with this new commitment, the total missiles provided amount to 10,000, and additional funds will be added to the more than £ 400 million in humanitarian and economic aid.

Zelensky asks people around the world to protest against the Russian invasion

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called on people around the world to protest the Russian invasion today. “It is already a month of defense against the attempt (Russia, ed.) To destroy us, to wipe us off the face of the earth. Russian troops are destroying our cities. They kill civilians without discrimination, rape women, kidnap children. They are shooting at refugees, capture humanitarian convoys, robbing. They burn museums, blow up schools and hospitals. The target for them is the universities, the residential neighborhoods … Anything! Russian troops do not know the limits of evil. But … Russia’s war is not just a war against Ukraine. Its meaning is much broader. Russia has started a war on freedom. This is just the beginning for Russia, on Ukrainian soil. Russia is trying to defeat the freedom of all people in Europe. To all the people in the world. Try to show that only raw and raw force matters. That is why we must all stop Russia. The world must stop the war. Take to the streets of your city. Make yourself visible and hear. Tell people care. Freedom matters. Peace matters. Ukraine matters “, was the message of President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russian DefMin Shoigu’s mysterious disappearance. Peculiar appearance in a pre-recorded video conference

A moderator of TV Russia 24 interrupted a live interview to broadcast pre-recorded footage of an operational meeting of the country’s National Security Council, which also featured Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who had not been seen in the past 2 weeks. The TV station did not specify when it had the meeting.

The presenter quoted Russian President Dmitry Peskov’s spokesman as suggesting that Shoigu be reporting from a distance on the so-called “Ukrainian military operation.” The images did not show Shoigu speaking, but his image appeared on the screen among other participants in a video conference in which they reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Shoigu, a close ally of Putin, has not been seen lately, although he played a major role in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Some reports in the Russian press have speculated that he may have health problems, that he has allegedly suffered a heart attack, or that he has just vanished after disagreements with Putin and the FSB.

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