UN committee: Roma living in Romania still discriminated

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The United Nations Committee slammed Romania once again for discriminating Roma communities, especially when it comes to habitation, education, health assistance and jobs. Romania failed in ensuring the efficient implementation and protection of human rights, UN Committee points out in a message delivered by Amnesty International.

The Romanian authorities were urged to amend national legislation in order to guarantee a minimum level of protection for the persons dwelling in informal locations and to enact necessary laws that should ensure that eventual evictions are complying with the human rights’ international standards. “Roma keep on living in inappropriate living spaces, without drinking water or sanitary facilities, electricity, heating, sewage system, sanitation or possession legal security, which expose them to further eviction risks,” the international body says.

According to the UN Committee, Roma’s forced evictions should not be enforced “unless they have been consulted and a fair trial and alternative accommodations have been guaranteed to them.”

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