Unprecedented decision: Tourist discontent with the accommodation in a Mamaia hotel compensated in court

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A hotel in Mamaia seaside resort was forced by the court to pay back the money to a tourist for a failed stay. It is an unprecedented ruling in the domestic tourism.

The trial started after a tourist, discontent with the accommodation conditions provided by the hotel, had sued the hotel.

The man bought a tourist package in 2019, consisting of an all-inclusive apartment, worth RON 4,000.

As the man recounted, the hotel claimed on its website that it has rehabilitated rooms and that all was in pristine condition. But, after he had got accommodated, the tourist found a completely different situation.

The hotel suggested he might be relocated to another room, but he man refused and asked for a reimbursement.

As he couldn’t get the refunding, the man sued the hotel. Now the judges decided that the hotel must pay back the plaintiff the entire sum of money.

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