War in Israel: Gaza parliament and ministries declared ‘legitimate targets’ of Israel

Terrorist group Hamas threatens to execute hostages.


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The Israel Defense Forces reported that they struck more than 200 targets in the Gaza Strip last night. The IDF says the targets include an arms cache inside a mosque, an apartment used for launching Hamas rockets, a high-rise tower used by the terror group, and other military installations.

“The campaign can be long and it is important for each family to make sure they have water, food, medicine and equipment necessary for emergency situations,” Army officials said in a statement.

At the same time, the Israeli military spokesman said the parliament and ministries in Gaza are legitimate targets in the offensive against Hamas. Spokesman Richard Hecht also added that there may not be the same “level of fidelity” in warning targets before strikes. Asked if Israel considers Hamas’ civilian government, such as parliament and ministries, legitimate targets, Hecht said “if there’s a man firing rockets from there, he becomes a military target.”

In his turn, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Monday evening that the airstrikes on the Gaza Strip “are just the beginning”, stating that he would do “everything for the Israeli hostages”, reports the BBC. He threatens that Israel will use “enormous force” against Hamas.

Meanwhile, Hamas has threatened to start executing hostages in response to Israeli strikes in Gaza carried out without prior warnings, Brigades spokesman Izzedine al-Qassam said, according to Gaza’s Shehab news journal. “From now on, any attack on our people in the safety of their homes will be met with the execution of civilian hostages, and the recordings will be broadcast on video and audio,” said the spokesman, who chose his nom de guerre Abu Obeisance.

Between 100 and 150 Israelis are being held in the Gaza Strip, Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Gilad Erdan, said in an interview with CNN on Monday.

The Israeli military has said that around 1,500 bodies of Hamas militants have been found on Israeli soil and that the south of the country is under the control of Israeli forces. Spokesman Richard Hecht said no Hamas fighters had entered Israel since last night, although “spies” may still exist on Israeli soil.

704 Palestinians have been killed and 3,900 injured in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Ministry of Health said on Tuesday. According to the United Nations, 790 homes were destroyed in Israeli airstrikes and more than 5,300 buildings were damaged. 400,000 Palestinians have been disconnected from their water supply.

The Israel Police’s cyber fraud division has frozen cryptocurrency accounts belonging to Hamas, the police said in a statement. Hamas was using the accounts to raise money on social media.

That division works in cooperation with the Ministry of Defense, Shin Bet and other intelligence agencies in an effort to shut down cryptocurrency channels used by terrorist groups.

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