Warning message for thieves in Romanian language displayed in UK-based Tesco store. MAE reacts, notifies the Police

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A Romanian woman established in the UK, member of PNL Diaspora, has pointed out on a poster displayed in a Tesco store in London, that was warning shoplifters in Romanian language.

Iolanda Costide, an architect established in the UK, has signaled the posters, asking the store to remove it.

Tesco just put up a notice in Romanian language saying <notice for store thieves, you will be legally prosecuted if caught stealing>. This is happening in a store in the UK. Targeting a certain nationality feels blatantly racist and xenophobic. I know we have certain disgusting individuals that don’t give us any pride, but there’s the likes of them in any country, any nationality. When there’s honest, hardworking people that work in the UK legally, this is not fair. Good job, Tesco,” reads the Romanian architect in Facebook.

She sent a letter to the store’s representatives, asking them to remove the poster.

“It is not honourable for a retailer like Tesco, which presents itself as progressive, in the service of people, to allow ethnic profiling across its stores. The image displays a warning, in Romanian language, against thieves. Shall we think that all Romanians are thieves or maybe only those who are not mastering the Romanian language and who need this outrageous message to be explained in the Romanian language? I kindly ask yo to remove such posters from your stores. Otherwise, we shall warn the Committee for Equality and Human Rights over your practice”.

The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAE) has also reacted in this case, saying that approaches have been taken upon central and local authorities for the removal of the posters and that Police has been also notified.

MAE has notified including the UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office to express “the Romanian side’s surprise and disagreement against the strongly discriminating message”.

The Romanian Foreign Ministry says that “it is disavowing this type of discriminating messages that do not reflect the real picture of the Romanian community in the UK, a community that is well integrated and which brings a real contribution to the development of the British society and economy.”

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  1. RomulusDecebal says

    They even steal territories from countries :- DD
    No wonder …

    1. here i am says

      To me, I would be ashamed to represent a country like Britain, a country of, full of racism and full of racist morons, who have overgrown so many countries and stolen the planet with their crimes and illegalities.
      The English found themselves mocking the romanians.
      Pigs, drunks and child rapists!

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