What do Romanians eat? 20 pc prefer fast food outlets. 2 pc eat outdoors everyday

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Only 2 percent of Romanians eat in the city every day, and most of them, about 20 percent eat outdoors three times a week, men in greater proportion than women. The favourite places are the ones selling fast food: burgers, shaorma, fried chicken and fries, a GfK study reveals, according to Mediafax..

“50 percent of GfK interviewees say they have bought food from such outlets in the last four weeks. Fast-food outlets are frequented mainly by men, while women prefer pastry shops or pretzel outlets. Most customers are 25-34 years old,” the GfK study reveals.

Pizzerias, including home delivery, are the third most popular with a younger audience and pizza is consumed mainly by those between 18 and 24 years. Pizzerias are the most common option for people with incomes above the average, while those with low incomes choose pastry outlets.

The latter are as popular as fast food outlets in medium-sized localities (between 50,000 and 200,000 inhabitants), while pizzerias are preferred in larger cities with over 200,000 citizens, except for Bucharest.

Only 2 percent of Romanians dine outdoors every day, and most, about 20 percent, eat once to three times a week ready meals.

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