Where to spend Easter in Romania and how much will cost you?

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Although the weather might still trick us in early April, Orthodox Easter is near, along with the short vacation, and all those eager to leave the crowded cities to get some fresh air and enjoy the natural beauties of the country have some options to spend the upcoming days off.

Prahova Valley, the Black Sea seaside or the mountain areas are some of the favorite spots for spending the short Easter holiday.


Therefore, for tradition lovers, Bukovina might be the ideal place for you on Easter, as they can enjoy its picturesque landscapes, feel the countryside vibe while accommodating in rural pensions or experience the Easter traditions live by attending Easter egg decoration and painting process. The prices for spending Easter in Bukovina could range from RON 700 to RON 2,500 per person.

For instance, a pension in Vama commune can include six-day accommodation all-inclusive, with prices starting from RON 1,625/person to RON 5,000/for two adults and two children. During those 6 days, guests will learn how to decorate eggs, to paint icons on glasses, and will enjoy traditional home made dishes, like lamb specialties or barbecue mutton. Traditional artistic music and dance shows and campfires are also included.

An inn near Sucevita and Putna monasteries offer a four-day package of RON 1,200 per person, with traditional Easter meals, traditional costumes, and a tour to the monasteries in Bukovina.


Going a little bit more west in the heart of Transylvania, tourists can also find iconic locations to spend Easter. Half-board packages starting from RON 700 per person are available in Bistrita-Nasaud county, particularly in the most beautiful area, Tihuta-Colibita.

A pension located on the shore of Colibita lake, where studies have showed there is the purest air in Europe, is offering tourists a festive dinner on the house after guests come back from the Resurrection service on Saturday night. Guests will be offered a basket wit products as well, also on the house, to take it to the church for sanctification according to an old tradition still living in the region.

Prahova Valley

Although more crowded, the resorts on the Prahova Valley are still an option to spend Easter. Hotels and pensions have adjusted their offers to include egg decoration workshops, egg hunting or ginger bread making activities.

The offers start from, RON 405-600 for three or four days accommodation in a three-star hotel in Busteni, to RON 1,000/two persons for three-day accommodation in a pension in Sinaia, RON 1,240 seat in a double room in a three-star hotel in Sinaia and up to RON 2,500 for three-day accommodation in a five-star hotel in Sinaia.

Romanian Black Sea seaside

Prices for spending Easter in the Black Sea resorts start on average from RON 160/one night per person and can reach RON 2,500/per person for a three-day stay in a four-start or five-star hotel.

Some hotels will be opened on Easter in Mamaia, Eforie or in the south part of the seaside.

While finding accommodation in the hotels on the sea shore, tourists can also enjoy the sights of the Constanta county such as the ancient fortress ruins of Adamclisi or Enisala, can tour the monasteries in Dobruja, including the “Saint Andrew” monastery and cave, the place where Saint Apostle Andrew brought, for the first time, the Christian faith on the Romanian land.

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