Wizz Air flight from Bucharest makes emergency landing in Sweden: A passenger tried to break the cockpit door. Passenger safety comes first, company says


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A Wizz Air flight from Romania to Norway has made an emergency landing in the Swedish city of Malmo on Tuesday, after a passenger tried to break the cockpit door, police said.
Police said the man was detained after the landing in Malmo on charges that he violated aviation laws endangering the lives of passengers during the flight.
The ‘Expressen’ daily reported that the man was immobilized by other passengers on board the plane, which had taken off from Bucharest and was heading for the Norwegian city of Torp. Police could not confirm these details.
Police spokesman Stephan Soderholm said there are no indications that the incident was linked to terrorism. He added that a second passenger was detained in Malmo for being intoxicated.

According to a Wizz Air release, signed by spokesman Daniel De Carvalho, “the Wizz Air W6 3215 flight from Bucharest to Oslo Torp (on November 3) was redirected to Malmo after a passenger, travelling alone, became uncooperative and aggressive so the pilot followed the procedures and decided to make an unscheduled landing in Malmo. The uncooperative passenger was arrested. A second passenger, who also travelled alone, was disembarked for inappropriate behaviour. The flight was resumed under normal conditions and landed on Oslo Torp an hour and a half late. Passenger safety is our top priority and the company does not tolerate aggressive behaviour against passengers and employees. The situation is now under police management.”

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