Women, almost outstripped by men at spending habits

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One third of the Romanians offer small spontaneous gifts on a monthly basis, while 18 per cent get pampered once every six months, men preferring to dine out and women to buy clothes, shoes or bags, the average amount of money allocated being between RON 81 and 200, shows a study conducted by MasterCard.

Thus, for approximately 53 per cent of Romanians small spontaneous gifts consist of clothing, shoes or handbags, but the chart also includes chocolate, sweets or cookies (about 46 per cent).

Clothes, shoes or bags are chosen mainly by women (66 per cent versus 40 per cent of men), while Romanian men prefer to dine out (38 per cent versus 23 per cent of women).

With over 15,000 subjects surveyed in 17 countries, the MasterCard survey shows that while both sexes appreciate more and more the power of small spontaneous gifts, men are likely to spend more on these than women are, contrary to popular belief.

The results at European level show that men buy themselves spontaneous small gifts as frequently as women do and that most of them do so more frequently than once a month (18 per cent men, 17 per cent women). Overall, it seems that men tend to get pampered as often as women, but they enjoy more the high priced gifts: 24 per cent of men compared to 13 per cent of women spend on expensive rewards such as vacations, entertainment and technology.

The research was conducted by Toluna for MasterCard in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary and Romania.

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