Sorina case: Criminal complaints against prosecutors


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The lawyer of Sorina’s adoptive family, the 8-year-old girl from Mehedinti taken by special forces from the foster carers, has filed a complaint against prosecutor Mihaiela Moraru-Iorga and against Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu for the way they had acted in this case.

“Prosecutor Iorga Moraru has retained the passport of the girl, asking it from the Passport Service. According to the court ruling, which is valid, Gabriel and  Ramona Săcărin are the parents of this child. They made a passport for the girl and prosecutor Moraru Iorga has required for the passport to prevent the girl from leaving the country. This is a measure of restraining the freedom of moving. Actually, it’s an informal judicial control imposed by the prosecutor without being subject to the courts’ ruling. Based on a fake news, we hold the child in the country and the Romanian state is taking actions based on a fake news”, said Diana Gavra, Săcărin family’s lawyer, also adding that prosecutor Moraru Iorga would have made pressures on Ramona Săcărin during the hearing several days ago.

She made various pressures on her to give information about judges. The same way DNA uses to make in the past (…) Mrs. Săcărin was not a defendant in this case-she was pressured to state something against judges”, the lawyer further said.

Sorina’s adoptive parents, Gabriel and Ramona Săcărin, have also sent a request in court several days ago, asking for a financial compensation for their stay in Romania.

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