Sorina, the 8yo girl from Baia de Arama, left for the U.S. with her adoptive parents. Foster carers accuse case prosecutor of kidnapping

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Sorina, the 8-year-old girl from Baia de Arama, has left Romania with her adoptive parents on Sunday morning, sources told media, heading to the U.S. where her new parents are living.

However, they seemed to have missed the first plane to the USA due to thorough checks of the travel documents and were forced to buy tickets for another flight, as the Border Police informed on Monday.

 “Following checks, border guards have determined that the people traveling with minor had complied will all legal conditions, and they were allowed to continue their trip. During checking procedures, the flight scheduled to take off at 5:35 closed the departure gate and the family had to reschedule their trip to a flight to Frankfurt the same morning.

At the same time, during checks, the parents showed an open attitude to provide border police officers with all the necessary papers regarding the minor’s trip”, says a press release by the Border Police.

The girl’s passport had been released by the Dolj Passport Service on Friday and after Slatina Court has ruled that she can leave Romania.

However, Interim Prosecutor General Bogdan Licu announced he would challenge the Slatina Court ruling, on suspicion that the girl’s passport would have been obtained illegally.

Foster carers’ lawyer files complaint against case prosecutor

On the other hand, the lawyer of Şărămăt family, the foster carers who raised Sorina since she was a baby, has filed a complaint against Maria Piturca, the case prosecutor, accusing her of kidnapping and setting up a criminal organised group. The lawyer claims that Sorina’s departure to the U.S. had taken them by surprise.

Nobody knew nothing (about Sorina’s departure), it took us all by surprise, that the problems related to the passport and visa had been solved so quickly, it is even outrageous. The girl should have been stayed in Romania with the adoptive parents, for the criminal prosecution in this case is just about to start. Their statements is mandatory. We are wondering now how these procedure actions will be solved? There are two possibilities, either the parents will be subpoenaed and brought by warrant, or, if not, a rogatory commission will be set up and we’ll wait for the solutions,” said Ioana Constantin, the lawyer of the Şărămăts.

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