Special train to transport Romanian caretakers in Austria on a weekly basis as of May 2

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Austria needs Romanian caretakers back to work, so they found out a way to bring them to Austria as of next month. The Austrian authorities have established a weekly connection by the night train for the Romanians who work as caretakers. The train will cross Hungary, but the Romanians will be exempted from the border restrictions.

As Hungary has introduced the travel restrictions, with no one being allowed to transit its territory since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, Austria has found a solution to come up with this night train to transport Romanian workers to take care of the Austrian elderly.

The train will be operational as of May 2 and is accepted by all countries involved, as it allows the transport of large numbers and, at the same time, it can observe the social distancing rules.

According to the Austrian authorities, 33,000 people in Austria depend on the services of the caretakers.

The train will leave from Timisoara on a weekly basis, but it might have a frequency up to three nights per week.

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