Speed record set on Transfagarasan road, average speed of 122.7 km/h


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A new speed record was reached by the British driver Mark Higgins on the Transfagarasan road. The length of the road was of 84.34 km.

The race lasted 40 minutes, 58 seconds and 8/10, although according to Google Maps by running at legal speed some three hours are needed to complete the route.

The new record on Transfagarasan has been achieved after several training sessions completed with the traffic closed. The Napoca Rally Academy was technical partner for Subaru of America and supported Higgins in supervising the road for being free of pedestrians, vehicles and animals.

Subaru of America announced last week it wants to set a new speed record on the high altitude road in Romania.

During July 9-11, Subaru of America and Prodrive organised an auto event on Transfagarasan, after setting speed records on other roads in Europe: TT Isle of Man in 2016 and Nurburing in 2017.

The race started at Cârţişoara with the finish at Vidraru damn. The event was organised with the support of the Romanian Federation for Auto Sports, CNAIR and Transport Ministry.

In August 2015, Italian rally driver Flavio Barrone attempted to set a speed record on the distance between Balea Cascada and Balea Lac waterfall in a luxury sports car.

The attempt for the driver was to finish the 13 kilometres serpentine road in less than 10 minutes. Finish time: 9 minutes and 13 seconds, on a stretch of 13 km.

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