Spring temperatures and grass instead of snow on the ski slopes

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This is not going to be a snowy white Christmas this year across Romania. In the mountain resorts on Prahova Valley, the snow is long in coming, for the weather is warm, as if spring would come.

With temperatures climbing up to 10-Celsius degrees, the snow cannons are also impossible to be put into service.

Poiana Brașov makes no exception, the only areas where you can go skiing are the three ski slopes on Postăvarul Peak.

If the first snow in November made businessmen in those resorts happy, now they fear the customers will be scarce. The centers for renting winter sports equipment are also lacking clients. During the previous years, people would crowd for a pair of ski.

However, the mountain resorts are full of tourists, eager to spend winter holidays in an alpine scenery, and no booking call-offs have been reported so far.

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