Spring weather in Bucharest, blizzard in the mountains

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The weather will significantly get warm in Bucharest, with the maximum temperature climbing to 14C, according to a special forecast issued by meteorologists.

The sky will be variable, and the wind will blow with 15-20kmph.

There will be cloudy and there will be fog conditions from Monday to Tuesday morning. The minim temperature, much higher than usually, will be around 3-5C.

Code Orange for blizzard in ten counties

If the weather will be particularly warm in Bucharest, blizzard and strong wind will prevail in the mountains.

The National Meteorology Administration has issued several Code Orange alerts for strong wind and blizzard in the mountain areas of ten counties in central, southern and southwestern country.

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The mountain area of Argeş, Prahova, Dâmboviţa, Gorj, Vâlcea, Caraş-Severin and Hunedoara counties will be hit by heavy snowfalls and strong wind blowing with 120-130kmph, especially at altitudes higher than 1,800 metres.

The wind gusts will also exceed 120kmph in the mountain areas of Alba, Brasov and Sibiu counties.

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