SRI bought Hexi Pharma disinfectants worth RON 100,000 during 2011-2015, media says

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The hospital of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), “Dr. Agrippa Ionescu” Emergency Hospital had 55 contracts worth RON 100,000 clinched with the Hexi Pharma and based on these contracts the hospital purchased disinfectants by public procurement, reports quoting the data provided by the Agency for Romania’s Digital Agenda. The above-mentioned news portal says that the contracts had been signed during 2011-2015, the precise time (2011-2016) when the SRI claims it had sent 4 notifications to the Health minister, leaders of the county councils in Cluj and Valcea and to the prefect of Cluj regarding the inappropriate quality of the disinfectants used in many hospitals, including regarding the ones produced by Hexi Pharma.

So, the data provided by the Agency for Romania’s Digital Agenda at Hotnews request show that during 2011-2015 the SRI hospital, “Dr. Agrippa Ionescu” hospital (sole identification code 372077) has closed 55 contracts with Hexi Pharma worth over RON 101,000 (VAT excluded) to purchase disinfectant solutions.

The SRI parliamentary committee had informed almost a month ago following information received from SRI that “during 2011-2016 the service has sent 4 notifications to the local decision makers (to the leaders of county councils in Cluj and Valcea and to the Cluj prefect) and also to the central decision makers (Health minister), warning on the inappropriate quality of the disinfectants used in hospitals, including regarding the disinfectants provided by Hexi Pharma.”

After this topic was publicized, the Romanian Intelligence Service sent two more notifications to the central beneficiaries.

At the same time, SRI mentioned that through its medical units (the Medical Department and “Dr. Agrippa Ionescu” Hospital) has no commercial relations with Hexi Pharma company.

During 2011-February 2016, the above mentioned medical units bought products from this private company (totaling about 10% of the total value of the purchased disinfectants) through public procurement. The contractual relations ended after the institution had identified these disparities,” read the SRI committee’s press release.

Hexi Pharma is prosecuted for serious charges in the affair of the diluted disinfectants used across hospitals countrywide.

Hexi Pharma’s owner Dan Condrea, whom prosecutor accused of hiding money in offshore companies, died in a suspicious car crash soon after the scandal emerged. Inevstigators suspect suicide.

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