SRI Director, Eduard Hellvig, says the intelligence service is not involved in games for power

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The Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) has issued a point of view on Monday, condemning the denigration attempts of the institution and assuring its internal and external partners that it is not involved in games for power, but that it deals strictly with national security issues.

The SRI communiqué reads:

“It is regrettable that there are attempts to attract the Romanian Intelligence Service into a speculative area through false allegations, unfounded accusations and calumnies against the Service’s employees.

The SRI firmly condemns these attempts to denigrate the institution and assures its internal and external partners that it will remain anchored in its missions that concern exclusively the national security.

The SRI Director, Mr. Eduard Hellvig, assures all Romanian citizens of non-involvement in any kind of games for power, that the institution is kept out of political debates and that the institution is determined in the joint effort to preserve the national security.”

The reaction comes three days after the PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, was sentenced in first court to three years and a half in jail for abuse of office in the fictitious hiring file dubbed ‘Bombonica’. Dragnea has announced that he does not resign either from the helm of the party or from the position of Chamber of Deputies Speaker, stressing that he is not afraid neither of the President of Romania, nor of other persons with positions in the state, nor of Eduard Hellvig, the SRI Director.

Dragnea claims SRI has surrendered to the ‘parallel state’

Several hours later, Liviu Dragnea replied, accusing SRI Director, Eduard Hellvig, of surrendering to the parallel state. The PSD leader said Hellvig does not enjoy his support anymore, as SRI has surrendered to the parallel state.

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