SRI: Nine foreigners have been declared undesirable and expelled from Romania this year

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Nine foreign citizens, suspected of actions related to terrorism, were declared undesirable this year and expelled from the national territory by the decisions of the Court of Appeal, upon the proposal from the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI), while other 246 people were prevented at the border to enter the country for the same reasons, SRI spokesman Ovidiu Marincea said, according to
Foreigners rejected at the border and declared undesirable were coming mainly from Iraq, Palestine, Morocco, Tunisia, Syria, and approximately 70% of them were in connection or have had activities in support of Daesh.
“The main reasons that led to the initiation and implementation of preventive measures were given by: the radical or terrorist background of the person or his family connections with terrorist entities, steps to set up groups of foreign supporters of jihadist entities, especially Daesh; (self)radicalization and propaganda (including online) in favour of terrorist entities (mostly Daesh); attempting to transit Romania to join Daesh in Syria,” said Ovidiu Marincea. The number of people not allowed to enter the country is growing, added the representative of SRI, and is a result of the preventive measures undertaken by the Romanian Intelligence Service and by the partner services to mitigate the risks generated by the phenomena represented by ‘foreign fighters /returnees,’ said Ovidiu Marincea.
The SRI spokesman said that in the current context of security in Europe, based on current information, the national terror alert remains at the blue-cautious level.

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