Stability and overcoming obstacles, what matter most for Romanians

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Romanii astazi/ Romanians Today, a study conducted by Reveal Marketing Research, has revealed that the need of stability ranks first for Romanians during this time, the coronavirus crisis.

A third of Romanians (33%), especially the traditional families and the elderly, describe themselves as thoughtful and responsible, saying that what counts more for them now is to act respectfully for the others, so stability and responsibility are the main driving needs.

Change comes second. Curiosity and exploration are defining 30% of the respondents, especially in the case of youngsters or single people or who have no kids.

On the other hand, 28% of Romanians, mostly parents, are focusing on the social relations and find values like play, harmony and love as more important among their current priorities.

Only 9% of the respondents need power and improvement as important values during this time.Romanians, focused on overcoming obstacles

Asked about what counts most for them, almost a half of respondents are focused on overcoming obstacles, showing a fighter attitude, while the other half (mostly families with children) is more static, saying that their main concern is to keep stability.

85% are shopping for their basic necessities

This attitude to preserve energy and money is also noticed in the respondents’ shopping behaviour. The study reveals that 85% of Romanians are shopping for their basic necessities during this time, to help them survive and feel safe and healthy.

6 in 10 Romanians feel anger

Yet, the above mentioned shopping conduct is not helping Romanians to maintain a positive state of mind. The lack of investments in maintaining social relations or in personal development through new experiences have a strong impact on the Romanians’ feelings. 60% say that what they mostly feel nowadays is anger and stress, with these prompting their desire to debate.

26% of respondents say that their main emotions are boredom and fatigue. They have a low energy level and are more in the mood to analyse, examine and less to explore.

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