State of alert extended by 30 more days. Face mask might become mandatory outdoors in Bucharest if the incidence of COVID-19 cases gets over 3 per 1,000

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The Government has Okayed the extension of the the state of alert by 30 more days, as of tomorrow, October 15, the Head of the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU), Raed Arafat announced, also adding that that dace masks might become mandatory n all open spaces in localities where the incidence of COVID cases exceeds 3 per one thousand residents.

Bucharest might fall under this incidence rate, as the infection rate here has climbed to 2.82 per 1,000 inhabitants.

“The measure on wearing of the face mask – for an incidence ranging from 0 to 3 face masks remains mandatory in crowded spaces and within a distance of 50 metres from the entrance to schools, starting with a 3 per thousand incidence the mask is mandatory in all open spaces,” Raed Arafat said on Wednesday.

He added that the provisions according to which “restaurants, cafes, cinemas (…) shall operate at 50% capacity at an incidence ranging between 0 and 1.5 per one thousand population” remain valid.

“Between 1.5 per thousand and 3 per thousand, at 30% capacity, and at more than 3 per thousand, then, unfortunately, they will be closed,” Arafat said.

Another provision approved by the Government’s Decision regarding the state of alert refers to the mandatory weekly testing of the personnel working in residential centers, through the care of the Public Health Directorates.

As for the decision on private events, Arafat said: “Private events remain restricted, namely prohibited in closed and public spaces nationwide, so this is also set forth in the government decision.”

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  1. Giles Eldridge says

    The Govt. is, now it seems, making new rules on a daily basis, soon maybe it will be by the hour. It demonstrates that they are absolutely clueless as to how to handle the situation. Viral transmission outside is the lowest risk scenario yet the idea of mandatory masks is being mooted. The move is designed to circulate fear and place the responsibility on the individual, as if illness was a criminal offence.

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