State-of-the-art GE Healthcare CT scanner put into operation at the Arad County Emergency Clinical Hospital

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As of today, the Arad County Emergency Clinical Hospital has a second functional CT Scanner. The high-performance Revolution Evo was purchased this spring from GE Healthcare and is now licensed for operation by C.N.C.A.N.

The CT, worth 3.7 million lei, was purchased with funds allocated by the Ministry of Health in partnership with Arad County Council, money that will be recovered from European funds, following the signing of financing contracts, during the visit of the Prime Minister Ludovic Orban, in Arad, in August. The acquisition included the arrangement and furnishing of the modular structure in accordance with the legislation in force and a full-service warranty with spare parts, for a period of 5 years.

,,In the last four years we have invested 90 million euros in the Arad health system, we have modernized most of the hospital departments, we have bought 520 medical devices for the County Hospital and we have obtained funding for five new hospitals: Oncology, Pediatrics-Maternal, Căpâlnaș – Psychiatry, Arad – Psychiatry, Infectious Diseases – Adults, of which there are ongoing works in Oncology and Căpâlnaș – Psychiatry. We do everything related to the County Council to ensure correct working conditions for medical staff and to provide the hospital with high-performance equipment”, said Iustin Cionca, president of the Arad County Council.

“The CT equipment is accompanied by a modular construction so that it can be used for patients suspected of being infected with the SARS-CoV2 virus, without the need for patients to enter the wards of the health unit before having a clear diagnosis. The way in which the circuit of patients and medical staff is established within the modular structure minimizes the risk of exposure to the virus. The equipment has a high sensitivity to the detection and evaluation of lung abnormalities in the early stages. Thanks to the advanced post-processing software, it can perform automatic segmented tomography of the lungs and airways, quantitative analysis of the parenchyma and efficient assessment of the severity of pneumonia”, said Dr. Oana Amza, chief physician of the Laboratory of Imaging and Medical Radiology.

“Our main concern is to provide the best care for patients but also access to state-of-the-art imaging technology for doctors, helping them to perform the medical act in an accurate manner and evaluate the appropriate treatment program in a more timely manner. Modern medical technology will allow the hospital to provide high quality medical services to a larger number of patients in Arad County”, said ec. Florina Ionescu, interim manager of the Arad County Emergency Clinical Hospital.

Revolution Evo is equipped with modern technology to reduce the radiation dose administered to the patient. Thus, options like Smart Dose, 3D modulation, Organ dose modulation help to reduce the dose administered to the patient. Thanks to new technologies, Revolution EVO adapts perfectly to the needs of diagnostics and offers a workflow adapted to the growing needs of scanning, due to complex pathologies. The accuracy of the diagnosis is supported by one of the most complex post-processing stations on the market, Advanced Workstation, and the images obtained are post-processed with great ease.

            “We are pleased that the prestigious medical team from the County Emergency Clinical Hospital in Arad has chosen GE Healthcare integrated solution (CT + modular structure). GE Healthcare has a vision that new technology developments can bring great benefits to patients and their doctors.  Now the people from Arad County will be assisted by remarkable innovations in healthcare technology and we are honored to be a part of this process”, said Alexandra Munteanu, General Manager of GE Healthcare Romania and Republic of Moldova.

Revolution Evo provides a reliable diagnosis, detecting the smallest details while using a low radiation dose. The innovative Revolution EVO applications allow doctors to provide accurate and high-quality diagnostic assistance for patients with pre-existing conditions: brain, cardiovascular, hepatic, colonic and oncological pathologies.

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