Stoned Israeli citizen stabs two women in Bucharest

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An Israeli citizen stabbed two women on the street in Bucharest on Monday. The man was detained right after the attack, with policemen finding out during hearings that the man was drugged and tried to also devastate a store.

According to a court order, he should have been taken out of Romania since Saturday. Now, a special inquiry is under way to find out why the court order had not been enforced.

The incident occurred nearby the Capital center. A young man, armed with a knife, has attacked two women out of the blue and then tried to run away. One of the women was taking his grandson for a walk with a pram when she was hit.

The other woman was not together with the first one, but she was getting ready to enter the block of flats. After stabbing her first, the Israeli citizen walked about other 10 metres at the corner of the block where he found the second victim, the woman with the pram, and stabbed her, too.

The aggressor has immediately taken by the policemen after the attack, while eyewitnesses were calling for an ambulance for the victims.

The two women, aged 54 and 64, were hospitalized, with doctors announcing that their condition is stable.

The Israeli suspect was heard for several hours in the presence of a translator. He refused to give any details why he had committed the attacks. He was taken into custody and he is facing attempted murder charges.

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