Storms and hail wreak havoc in most part of the country

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15 counties have been entirely or partially under a code orange alert for bad weather, storms and rainfalls. The wind blew with 70kmph, there were torrential rains and hail. Bucharest and Ilfov county have been under a code yellow alert, with heavy rains and strong wind last night.

Counties like Arges, Gorj, Prahova or Valcea have been the most affected, with storms wreaking havoc.

It heavily rained in Bucharest and Ilfov, with the wind blowing and reaping off trees. Firefighters had intervened in 19 locations. 14 trees were down and 13 cars damaged. Three billboards were put down by the wind.

Rivers in seven counties (Caraş-Severin, Mehedinţi, Gorj, Vâlcea, Olt, Mures, Sibiu)  were under flood alert.

The weather will be chilly for this time of the year in most of the regions today, with maximum temperatures of 23C in western regions.

Thunderstorms and rains will persist in the mountains, in the south, south-east and centre. The wind will mainly blow in the west.

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