Strange things across Romania

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Buzau Court might move in a mall

Buzau Court is relocating to a….mall. Its current headquarters is in the same building as the city’s tribunal, but due to the old, defective space, the Court plans to relocate. After launching a public bid for the next HQs, the court received offers from three companies and two commercial centers and the most suitable location seemed to be Galleria Mall, which provided a 1,500 square-meter area. Buzau judges might move in as of September.


Movie on a water screen in Târgu Jiu

On the occasion of the city’s days, local authorities from Târgu Jiu invested in a strange project meant to better promote the city. More precisely, they organized a movie screening on a water screen (photo). Two tons of water per minute and two fire trucks have been used to screen the film.


7-year-old child hit in the head by a couch

A seven-year-old child in Hunedoara was admitted to hospital after being hit in the head with a ….coach. The strange incident occurred after two men threw the couch from the second floor of a block of flats. Police officers explained that while the child was passing behing the building he was accidently injured by the couch that two neighbours have thrown down over the balcony.


Subway works bump road in Bucharest

The road in front of the Military Academy in Bucharest has suddenly bumped few days ago on a six-meter length. The traffic was blocked on Thursday morning after the strange 10-12 bumps peeped from nowhere. And it was not all.

Due to the serious cracks, sand and water emerged through the holes. The mystery was however cleared up few hours later when the Metrorex representatives explained the ground where the subway works were in process bumped to unknown reasons.

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