Strike of public transport drivers continue


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The strike of the employees of the Bucharest Transport Company continues on Friday, despite the court decision that established that the strike is illegal and it must be suspended and drivers must resume their activity. Bailiffs went to the bus stations on Friday morning to display the court’s decision, while the mayor of the capital, Nicușor Dan, met with the company’s management. He warned that STB employees who do not comply with the court order are committing an offense.

At the same time, Bucharest mayor asked PSD to decide whether it supports the strike or it withdraws the endorsement for PSD councilor Vasile Petrariu, the leader of the trade union that organized the protest.

We are dealing with a totally irrational manifestation. It is an irrational attitude not to resume work at the risk of losing your employment contract and criminal conviction. I summoned to the mayor’s office the heads of bus and depots – 20 people – members of the STB management and members of the union – for two reasons: to convey through them to the STB employees our decision to go ahead in law enforcement and understand what problems can be solved. It is essential that we observe the law in the Romanian state,” said mayor Nicusor Dan.

“I ask PSD to take stand. As there is a strike that paralyzes Bucharest organized by a PSD general councilor, who won his mandate on the PSD list, so I ask PSD to decide – either support this demonstration or withdraw the political support of Petrariu who organized this strike. “All we can do is make reasonable and rational gestures and actions to explain the situation we are in. I cannot be held responsible for an irrational gesture,” the mayor-general added.

In his turn, STB manager Adrian Criț, said they are open to dialogue, but there is a court ruling and employees must go back to work.

Unfortunately, we are in the same situation as yesterday. (…) We are open to dialogue and we empathize with employees who want to provide public transport and we apologize to the residents. We are open to dialogue to unblock the situation. There is a court decision. Employees understand that because of the games that some union leaders play, they endanger their jobs,” said Adrian Criț.

He added there are some vehicles on route but their number is insignificant.

All employees’ requests have been reviewed and some have been solved. The salary budget is 74% of the total budget. You can imagine the level of the salaries. We also pay repairs, services and utilities from this budget“, he said.

An in rem criminal case was opened following the STB drivers’ strike, targeting deeds not persons. The transport policemen filed the complaint, arguing the strike does not comply with the legal provisions.

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