Strike on Otopeni Airport on Friday, flights could be delayed

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It is very probable a strike will take place on Otopeni Airport on Friday, for two hours, between 13.00h – 15.00h. The employees of a company dealing with passenger boarding, luggage transport and cleaning will suspend operations so that the flights might be delayed even by two hours, reports.

The protest action comes after the company’s trade union has won in court the right to protest. In January, the court suspended the strike because the company representatives argued that it was not legal. But the Ilfov Court has ruled in favour of the employees and the Court of Appeal upheld the decision.

Hence, on Friday, between 13.00h – 15.00h, the flights might register delays of up to two hours, according to the representatives of Otopeni Airport.

The employees of the company complain there is not enough staff to carry out the work and that they do not have time to rest or for family activities.

Also, company’s employees complain that they are not provided transportation to and from work, i.e. the Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport, nor any settlement, although the shifts begin during the night-time.

To all these issues, they say, add the low level of wages, uncorrelated with the workload and with the responsibility of those working in aviation.

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